Monday, August 23, 2010


He said a mug full of black coffee and burning midnight oil enhances his stamina for intellectual intercourse. Well obviously I had no second thoughts about this connection but the intellectual denominator.
For another buff my sis-in-law it was spontaneity that did the talking. I have never seen a teen enjoying such frequent mental excursions from one faculty to another in the nick of time. I wonder how well her formative years are becoming informative to us.
There was this ex-colleague of mine, who only wrote after a cricket match. Don’t mistake cricket on TV providing him the necessary noise concentration, but it provided the required fodder.

And then it’s me who would write only on 29th February every year. My writing skills got wings on these days to amass a lot of sky in its lap.
I wrote only when I could look up at the skies and sit idle for little more than an hour once the clock hand pass beyond 2400 hrs.
I tend to hit upon a thought on the busiest of days when all I have in front of me is a forgetful mind and a brazen disinterest UNTIL TODAY.

Recurring inertia was deadly. For a lazy bum like me it was always easy to enjoy a parasitic disposition towards procrastination. It held me tight licking the topmost floor of my existence and giving me strong reasons to bask at the glory of conservative me, since the era which saw strong affair between pen and paper. New season of networked connectivity did no benefit either.

It was only after consuming allopathic requests from my wife, I convalesced. The long lost interest and push to return to black and white has restored. Hopefully, will be working almost at a regular interval to increase my visibility and connections.


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  1. Loved it! I remember reading this with you..... waiting for more :-)